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An interview with a US based GIN X hybrid bike customer

Updated: Apr 18

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Hello dear followers of our blog! This article is going to be a bit unusual because we decided to interview one of our clients and ask him a series of questions, the answers to which you can read below. Jeffrey, our customer from the US, has recently bought a GIN X hybrid bike and we would like to publish his thoughts on it.

"Yes, I would be willing to share my thoughts and opinions with you about e-bikes and your product, the GIN X hybrid bike", - Jeffrey, GIN X US customer.

Why did you choose the GIN X electric hybrid bike over others?

I chose the GIN X over others because it was cheaper than other E-Bikes with the same quality parts and components, and I was primarily looking for a bike that was rated to be fast, or could be easily modified to be fast. The fact that it has front fork suspension and splash guard fenders for the tires are also great. Having a throttle is nice, but wasn't something I thought was essential.

I also wanted an electric hybrid bike that is not too heavy. I opted for the cargo rack and pannier bag, which will make it heavier, but I thought they would be good to have those accessories in case I start using it to make trips to the market for food. Even with the accessories, though, it is not the heaviest E-bike out there by a long shot.

What do you think of GIN X design?

Another important reason I chose GIN X is because of how it looks. There are lots of E-bikes out there that have a very futuristic design and/or are purposely designed to stand out from traditional looking bikes. My personal preference is that an E-bike should still look like a bike, and not try to look like something else - like an electric scooter, moped, or motorcycle. In the US, I think there is a bias against men riding on scooters and mopeds (gas or electric). I think in the US, people believe men need to ride on a big motorcycle in order to be "manly" or macho. So, to ride on a 'funny' looking E-Bike, for me at least, would make me a target for ridicule. When I ride on a GIN X, I think people will know I'm on a bike, and they may realize it's an E-Bike, but they won't mistake it for a scooter, nor will they think I'm trying to pretend to ride a motorcycle (like a Harley Davidson).

GIN X hybrid bike: an interview with US based customer

Any other reasons to purchase a GIN X electric hybrid bike?

Another point I want to make, which may not make any sense to you, is that I am an older male (almost 50 years old). In the US, we have a saying that some men will experience a "midlife crisis" at about my age. For some men my age, they will go out and buy a big motorcycle to try to overcome their midlife crisis, but for me, a motorcycle is too dangerous. An E-Bike is at least a little safer, and for some men my age, I think it can be a safer way to overcome their midlife crisis. Personally, if I can go 25 MPH on the GIN X hybrid electric bike, I will feel a little more like I'm on a motorcycle, even though I know I am not. By the way, the hydraulic brakes with motor cutoff are great - I'm glad they're on the GIN X so that riders can be safer.

What were the other e-bike brands that you were thinking to go for but still settled for GIN X?

I already have a Propella 2.0. I like it. I like the way it looks, the fact that it is light, and that it was also about $1200 USD. What I like about the GIN X over my Propella is that the GIN X has front suspension, splash guard fenders, and can go faster than 15-18 MPH. The GIN X hybrid (if you don’t know what is a hybrid bike, then in short, it is a mix of a road and mountain bike) could be much more useful for shopping with the cargo rack and pannier bag. At the time I bought my Propella, these accessories were not readily available.

One of the main things I like about the Propella are the rims for the wheels. I like blue metal. I think the tires are also pretty good on the Propella. They're skinnier than the tires on the GIN X, and that has some appeal in terms of being able to go faster, but I also cannot go offroad on my Propella. I like that the Propella tubes are Schrader valves instead of Presta, but that's not really a big deal.

Conclusions: share please your final thoughts on GIN X?

Final thoughts: I think E-Bikes are great. I don't live in a big city, but there is a real need for them for people who commute in big cities. I think E-Bikes are a good, affordable option for transportation for many people, and so I'm not surprised that the market for E-Bikes is really taking off. For GIN X, I think you'll be just another option for those who are looking for an E-Bike for utilitarian purposes (e.g., to get to and from work everyday). For these riders, if you have a good quality bike at an affordable price, and the bike is reliable over time (needs only regular maintenance), you'll win over those riders. (Your warranty, return policy, and free shipping perks are also a good way to win over potential buyers/riders). I think this is the reason why Toyota vehicles are popular for those who look at cars and trucks in a utilitarian way.

electric hybrid bike

For me, I can't really use an E-Bike to commute to work. I work too far away to use an E-Bike. Also, for 3 months of the year it is too hot to ride, and for 6 months of the year it is too cold to ride. I also don't have to deal with a lot of vehicle traffic on the roads when I drive around my small city. I want an E-Bike for fun. I want to be able to ride and go faster than I can on a regular bike. A professional cyclist can go 25 MPH on a high end road bike - I cannot - not without a fast E-Bike at least. I'm hoping the GIN X will help me have more fun. I think a GIN X specialized hybrid bike will help me get outside more and exercise rather than stare at my phone or computer all day, and that's important to me in terms of living a healthy and more balanced life.

I know this is a long response, but I hope this helps. I don't really know you, Rahul, or Marina, but you seem to be good people who want to make a positive difference in the world. It looks like you have a good start up company, and so I hope my comments and feedback help you to be successful."


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