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All You Need To Know About E-Bike Trackers

As a cycling enthusiast, you bring your e-bike with you everywhere. Sometimes, you need to park it to enter areas that don’t allow bicycles. As a result, you may end up leaving it in a sketchy public parking place where it can get stolen. However, there's a solution that can significantly reduce your risk. 

A recent survey revealed that bike theft is quite prevalent in the UK, with nearly 78% of respondents reporting that their bikes were stolen on more than one occasion. Since e-bikes, regular bikes, and biking gear are expensive, an e-bike tracker can help you secure your property and save on replacements. In the event that your e-bike is stolen, you can recover it faster because you’ll know where it is.

If you’ve been considering getting an e-bike tracker, here’s everything you need to know.

What Are E-Bike Trackers?

E-bike trackers allow you to monitor the location of your vehicle so even if it gets stolen, you’ll know where it is and can share its whereabouts with the authorities. Many models rely on the global positioning system (GPS) to deliver real time updates which can be valuable in case of theft. They are also easy to install, small, and discreet. 

What Are the Advantages of an E-bike Tracker?

E-bike trackers offer a simple and relatively affordable way to always know where your e-bike is. Though there are more expensive models, they’re still cheaper than replacing your vehicle.

Here are some of their benefits:


E-bike trackers are small and can fit discreetly under the frame, in the handle, and under the seat—allowing you to monitor your e-bike’s every move in real time. If it ever gets stolen, you have a higher chance of finding it with a tracker. 

Location Sharing

Some trackers let you share their location with your contacts. In case of theft, you can share the location with the police but it has other applications as well. Cyclists can plan, navigate, and discover new cycling routes through it. It also ensures no one gets left behind or lost during an adventure. 

Emergency Assistance 

Trackers like AirTags can be configured so that your contacts can pin down your location. This can come in handy if there’s an emergency or if you want to keep your loved ones informed about your whereabouts.  

Smart Tracking

Some smart tracking devices let you measure your speed, distance covered, and heart rate (mostly through wearable trackers). Through this additional data, you can track your fitness progress and goals. 

What Are the Best E-bike Trackers?

While using a sturdy, weather-proof, and secure lock can make theft challenging, it’s still a good idea to have a tracker as a precautionary measure. 

Some of the best e-bike trackers include: 

Apple AirTag

One of the most used trackers, Apple AirTags, can also be used as a bike tracker. On Apple's FindMy network, you can trace your lost bike via the tracker's iCloud signal. This indicates its exact location thanks to Apple devices close by. 

It’s quite effective as long as it is close to an Apple device. Its battery can last up to one year. Plus, the AirTag is fairly priced (you can buy one for well under £30) and it’s tiny enough to fit into most spaces, making it an excellent option. 

Tile Sticker 

The Tile Sticker has an adhesive back that helps it stick to most surfaces with ease. And since it’s small, you can hide it almost anywhere. It has a robust battery life of up to three years. 

Note, however, that the Tile Sticker connects to your Android or Apple smartphone via Bluetooth not GPS. This means that it can only track your e-bike within 250 feet. If you need to monitor your bike’s location over longer distances, opt for a product that uses GPS instead of Bluetooth.

Sherlock Bike GPS Tracker

One of the best bike GPS trackers, the Sherlock Bike GPS Tracker fits perfectly inside the handlebar and weighs less than 40 grams. Designed specifically for your e-bike’s security, it offers more features than the Air Tag and Tile Sticker. For one, it’s equipped with GPS and Bluetooth. In addition, it has a battery life of seven days, doesn’t need a SIM card to work, and has a motion sensor that will alert you of any nearby movement.

Of course, its added functionalities mean a higher price tag. The Sherlock currently sells for a little over £100.

Invoxia’s GPS Tracker Pro

Among the crème de la crème of e-bike trackers is the GPS Tracker Pro by Invoxia. Packed with several practical features, this product relies on 4G networks and includes international roaming. Compact and discreet, it has a battery life of up to three months.

You can use it for real-time tracking, geofencing, and to access your e-bike’s location history. It also has a proximity radar to help you find your vehicle under challenging conditions. For a small monthly fee, Invoxia promises better coverage across locations. But it isn’t necessary because you can still use the tracker without the subscription.

Do E-Bike Trackers Help Prevent Theft?

There is a common misconception that trackers can prevent theft. The truth is they can only track your bike. Many times, they are removed by thieves and left behind which is why it’s important that they’re discreet and hidden from view. 

If you’re looking for anti-theft benefits, consider anti-theft bike alarms which will emit loud sounds to scare thieves away. They are equipped with built-in sensors that become activated when the bike is tilted 45 degrees or more. The SOS alarm gets deactivated when the bicycle is restored to its original position. 

An anti-theft bike alarm and a tracker can work wonders for preventing theft and recovering a stolen bike. 

Other Ways To Prevent Theft

There are other ways to prevent theft. For example, using a strong, sturdy lock can also deter thieves. Choose a weather-proof model, so it won’t get damaged by external conditions.

Here are a few more reminders for optimum e-bike security:

  • Prioritize parking areas that are well-lit and have CCTV cameras.

  • Secure the frame and the two wheels to a cycle stand.

  • Consider bringing removable parts—like lights, wheels, baskets—with you.

  • Register the frame number of your bike with a bike registration database. If it gets stolen and the frame is recovered, authorities will be able to identify you as the owner.

If the worst happens and you lose your e-bike, you’ll be glad to have an e-bike tracker with GPS. Insurance can also be a big help. 

Although insurance isn’t a requirement, it would be wise to get one considering the number of thefts. It can cost you anywhere between £5 to £300. However, before you decide on one, ensure the policy covers theft and accidental damage.


You know what they say, the best time to prepare for the worst is before it happens. E-bike trackers, insurance, and the rest of our tips ensure that you’ll be ready if ever your e-bike is stolen. 

Because e-bikes are very portable and command a high price, they’re attractive to thieves. With a few precautions and anti-theft measures, you can protect your e-bike and have a higher chance of recovering it.

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