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What is throttle?

At times when you feel the need not to use the pedals on your electric bike but just 'throttle it around'. It is very handy when you are taking off a red signal on the road or giving rest to your legs when climbing uphill.

Electric bike with throttle does not substitute the pedals but provides an extra momentum to your GIN X e-bike. 

While other brands sell this at an added cost, we do not charge a penny extra for it!

The much talked about electric bike with throttle is finally here

Throttle makes it easy peasy...


Press the thumb throttle on the handlebar


Your GIN X moves forward by itself


Rest your legs on the pedals for balancing the bike


Free the stress and enjoy your ride with GIN X!

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The only e-bike that delivers more than what we promise.

The huge battery of 614WH delivers unbeatable battery juice. You ride for over 75 miles on a single charge in standard conditions. We bet no other e-bike comes close to these specifications at such a low price of under £1000. 

"Hydraulic brakes, BAFANG brushless motor, front suspension, hybrid frame and chunky tyres are all you need for an amazing ride.."

throttle 2.gif

When you get your GIN X electric bike it is 'speed locked' as per the UK and EU standards. This is done in accordance with the common laws here in the UK.

We don't recommend you to unlock the speed (even though it is fairly simple process!), however; you can always ride the bike without speed limitations on the private land (as per DVLA website).

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Embrace the Power of Speed

Throttle-Control for Quick Acceleration and Smooth Rides!

GIN X: Your Ultimate UK Legal
Full Throttle Electric Bike

Explore the epitome of electric biking innovation with the GIN X throttle electric bike, now available in the UK with an exhilarating full throttle option. Designed to redefine your riding experience, the Traditional GIN X e-bike boasts a cutting-edge feature that effortlessly propels you to speeds of up to 15.5mph (in restricted mode) without the need for pedaling.

Powered by a sophisticated throttle system, the GIN X throttle e-bike offers an unmatched level of control. The throttle speed is initially limited to a comfortable 3.5 mph or 6 km/h, ensuring a safe and steady start. However, for those seeking an adrenaline rush and an enhanced commuting experience, the GIN X can be easily derestricted. Once unleashed, the bike surges forward, reaching impressive speeds of up to 22-23 mph, allowing you to effortlessly conquer both urban roads and open paths.

Embrace the freedom to choose your riding style with the GIN X e-bike. Cruise effortlessly in full throttle mode, effortlessly gliding through the streets, or engage the pedal assist for a harmonious blend of human and electric power. For those moments when you crave the wind in your hair and the thrill of pure acceleration, the GIN X's full throttle mode delivers an electrifying journey.

Experience versatility like never before. Whether you prefer a leisurely ride or a dynamic burst of speed, the GIN X has you covered. With its innovative throttle system, you're in command of your ride, seamlessly transitioning from a relaxed pedal-assisted mode to an adrenaline-pumping full throttle rush.

Unveil the future of e-biking with the GIN X. Unrestricted power, unmatched speed, and unparalleled flexibility - all perfectly legal and ready to redefine your ride. Elevate your journey with the GIN X UK legal electric bike with throttle.

How does GIN X e-bike throttle work?

In this video, delve into the mechanics and functionality of the GIN X electric bike throttle. Gain insights into the seamless transition between pedal-assist and full throttle modes, granting riders unparalleled command over their e-bike experience.

Witness the GIN X's impressive acceleration as it effortlessly achieves speeds of up to 22-23 mph without the need for pedaling, all at the touch of a button. Discover how this innovation redefines versatility, offering riders the freedom to choose between various riding styles, from leisurely journeys to adrenaline-fueled sprints.

Explore the Collection of GIN X electric bike with throttle in the UK 

Discover the GIN X electric bike collection with throttle in the UK, featuring both 250W and 500W models.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What is the difference between a throttle and pedal-assist on electric bikes?

Throttle and pedal-assist are two methods of powering an electric bike. A throttle allows you to engage the motor with a push of a button or twist of a grip, providing power without pedaling. Pedal-assist, on the other hand, activates the motor only when you are pedaling, offering a more natural biking experience with an added boost.

2. Are throttles on electric bikes legal in the UK?

In the UK, electric bikes with throttles are legal, but with certain limitations. E-bikes can have a throttle that assists up to 6 km/h (3.7 mph) without pedaling. Beyond this speed, pedal-assist must activate for the bike to remain classified as an electrically assisted pedal cycle (EAPC) and not require registration or insurance. Always verify the most current regulations to ensure compliance.

3. How does a throttle enhance my electric bike riding experience?

A throttle adds convenience and flexibility to your electric bike riding experience. It allows for instant motor engagement, providing power on demand without the need for pedaling. This feature is particularly useful for starting from a stop, climbing hills effortlessly, or giving you a break during long rides. With a throttle-equipped electric bike from our store, enjoy a more accessible and customizable journey, tailored to your riding preferences and needs.

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