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Shipping is FREE to locations in Berkshire. All UK customers will get the shipment directly shipped from our warehouse based in Berkshire. Outside Berkshire, we charge an extra £49 towards delivery (the rest we match on your behalf)! For international customers there is an extra shipping fee of £99 each shipment.

We do not want to impose additional cost to our international customers. Import taxes and VAT are already included in the price of GIN X electric bike.


For international customers the shipping fee is very nominal as we largely contribute the shipping fee ourselves to keep the overall price as low as possible!

We try our best to ship out every shipment within 48 -72 hours of your product payment being received, provided the bikes are in stock. Once, the item is shipped out you will receive the tracking details and a confirmation email. 

Please NOTE that any cancellations or refunds (after placing the order) do not include the payment commission charged at the time of placing the order (usually it is around 2.9% of the processed amount for international buyers and 1.9% for the UK based buyers). Payment charges are always subtracted from the cancellations or refunds made.

At any point you need assistance please feel free to call us at +44 7435 7189 06. We are more than happy to address any query for you. 

We believe that your relationship with us just does not end once you have purchased an item with us, infact; it becomes stronger and stronger with every day that passes! We like to think that you would be our repeat customer for other products too and hence, relationship counts a lot to us. We would do anything to make it right for you if you are, for any reason, not happy with us.

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