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E-bike affiliate program!

Hey Influencers!

GIN electric bike has produced GIN X, which is a perfect example of an electric bike with premium features yet at a budget friendly price. Our team at GIN took extra care while designing GIN X. It has the high end electric bike specs like hydraulic brakes (with brake sensors) and 180 mm discs, 614 WH powerful TESLA grade battery,  Shimano ALTUS derailleur, a robust frame, BAFANG brushless motor and what not!

What do we have for you?

We believe that there is something for everyone...

At GIN our collaboration is not just the conventional partnership but it comes with some major wins for you. We believe that your growth is very important to our growth as well! And therefore, we leave no stone unturned to help you boost your channel (Youtube, Insta, Facebook and so on).


As an influencer for GIN X electric bike you get 4 PREMIUM BENEFITS FOR FREE :

  • Affiliate commission : for every purchase through your affiliate link the customer gets £25-50 discount on electric bike and you get £50-100 commission as an influencer for GIN X!

  • Boosting your channel : we have partnered with some great SMM people. We will boost your channel and the video of GIN X for 48 hours for FREE once you have posted the video of GIN X on your channel and shared the link with us

  • Shout out to our 11,300 GIN followers : we have grown our official FB page to over 11,300 followers. We will give a shout out to your social media channel and pint it to thee top of the page for 48 hours straight

  • Professional video editing : Our partnered editor is someone who is known for her editing skills for very professional channels like NatGeo, Discovery etc. She comes with an professional editing & branding experience of over 12 years. She can handle your editing of GIN X video for FREE (this is not mandatory but just an optional service if your require)

Message to GIN X e-bike influencers

Imagine getting one GIN X e-bike each month!

With our affiliate programme alone our partner influencer can get paid £100 commission every e-bike purchase. All you do is put the word out among your subscribers and followers.

Now, if we do a simple maths :
Let us say a channel has 20,000 subscribers. 

With the help of our video promotion and organic views your GIN X video gets 5,000 views. Now, even if only 0.2% viewers purchase the e-bike this equals to 10 purchases.

And, 10 purchases means £500-1000 commission to you (equal to one GIN X price). 

With the help of our traffic source to your video & channel as well as the organic views you can easily achieve handsome affiliate commissions. 

* Please NOTE : our partner SMM company is partly responsible to drive traffic to your channel video (featuring GIN X). This results in more purchases as well as increase in channel subscribers or followers.

Isn't this truly AWESOME

We firmly believe that OUR GROWTH depends upon YOUR GROWTH

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