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Best electric road bikes: faster ride with less efforts

Updated: Apr 18

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Electric road bikes are starting to dominate. In this article you will find our selection of the best models of the coming years.

The Rise of Electric Road Bikes and Their Benefits

The bicycle is a funny old thing, an ancient invention. When e-bikes became popular among mountain bikers, for those who like narrower tires, the electric bike was considered an infamous pastime, synonymous with cheating.

But times are changing, and as more riders begin to see the benefits of a little motorized assistance, e-bikes are steadily growing in popularity. An electric road bike is perfect for improving your rides and extending your time in the saddle, and with an increasing number of brands building performance bikes, it's never been the best time to switch to an electric bike.

1. Whyte Highgate Compact

Whyte Highgate Compact e-bike

Price: £2799

When it comes to bike manufacturing, Whyte is among the best. The British company has been around for almost 20 years, so from their first foray into building an electric bike, would you expect anything less than great quality and perfect value for money?

With a compact frame and Shimano STEPS system, Whyte electric off road bike has put together an expert bike capable of comfortably traveling 77 miles on a single charge. With built-in lighting, powerful disc brakes and Road Plus tires, the Highgate is a road bike built to take on the trials and tribulations of the urban jungle.

2. Raleigh Mustang Comp Electric

Raleigh Mustang Comp Electric

Price: £2800

Taking their most popular Mustang model and making it electric, Raleigh has released an electric road bike uk that is built for adventure and can be fully used both on and off the road.

Ideal for long days of travel, the Mustang's specially designed gravel frame offers a relaxed ride without sacrificing speed or agility. With SRAM drive gearing, 42mm tires and a battery capable of pulling out almost 80 miles, the Mustang is a great choice if you're looking for a road bike that can push the limits occasionally.

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3. Giant FASTROAD E+ 2 PRO


Price: £2719

Giant says the E+2 PRO is "engineered for exhilarating rides" and they may be right. The first off road electric bike on our list that looks like a real road bike. The E+2 PRO is equipped with handle straps, narrow tires and an aluminum frameset more suitable for racing or club racing.

Described by Giant as "using hybrid bike technology," the electric motor is used to supplement the rider's pedaling power. In the case of the E+2, this comes with a SyncDrive Pro motor with 360 percent tunable support that lets you fine-tune the ride just the way you want.

4. Canyon Grail:ON

Canyon Grail:ON

Price: 4222£

Canyon Cycles has introduced an electric road bike (strictly positioned as a gravel - for gravel roads) a high-end bike - Canyon Grail:ON. It will join the fast-growing category of electric bikes designed for all-terrain trails, includes quality components and is able to attract the eye of even those with little interest in e-bikes.

In terms of power, the Canyon Grail:ON uses a Bosch Performance Line CX Gen4 engine, Bosch's latest powertrain that delivers 85 Nm of torque. The motor is also capable of increasing the efforts of the cyclist by 340%. The maximum speed that the bike develops is 20 m/h. Canyon Cycles claims the battery provides a range of up to 80 miles. We are probably talking about a mode with minimal assistance to the cyclist, but the range will certainly vary greatly depending on the conditions, decreasing off-road, for which the Canyon Grail:ON is also well suited.

5. GIN X e-bike

GIN X e-bike

Price: 999£

Yes, we want to compare our affordable bike with all mentioned above. GIN X is the cheapest road legal electric bike with premium features. It has Bafang brushless motor, Hydraulic brakes, Shimano Altus derailleur, 615 Wh battery and can ride up to 70 miles on a single charge. And the frame suits both the riders - daily office goers as well as weekly mountain hiking.


Road e-bikes feature drop handlebars and are light in weight. The best electric road bikes are lightweight because it is expected that you can sometimes exceed the 15 m/h speed limit for electric bikes in many countries, in which case you want a light bike. The engine often has low torque, which makes assist more natural.

If you want to have a good road e-bike, you may have a look at our GIN X. In case you need any assistance, feel free to call us: +44 74357 18906 or simply drop us a message here.

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