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Top-tier step through electric bike with premium features, all at a wallet-friendly price point.

- John Bromton (Cornwall)

500W GIN X : step through electric hybrid bike 

for both city roads and hills!



or 3 interest-free payments with 
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* Head light, tail light, mudguards & throttle are included in all models 


  • Padded saddle - £79.90 FREE

  • Anti-theft alarm - £69.99 FREE

  • Large Phone holder - £29.99 FREE

  • Water bottle holder - £39.99 FREE

  • Helmet - £34.9 FREE

  • Bike cover - £38.99 FREE


Green Friday Offer

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The much talked about step through electric bike is finally here

What others are saying about GIN X 500W hybrid step through ebike


Motor (3).png

250W Brushless

615 WH Battery.png

675WH, 48V 21700 TESLA Grade Battery

Derailleur (1).png



27.5" X 2.1" All Terrain Tyres (anti-puncture)

7 gears.png

7 Gears

5 PAS modes.png

5 Pedal Assist Boost Modes

KMC chain.png

KMC Rust Free Chain

Integrated lights.png

Integrated Lights


75+ Miles

Top Speed - 15.5 miles/hr (in UK/EU legal mode)

IP66 Protection.png

IP66 Protection

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of suspension.png

Aluminum Alloy 6061 Frame


21 Kgs (46 lbs)

w/o battery & any  accessory

Magnetic sensors.png

Magnetic Sensors

Powerful Suspensions (pre-load & adjust)

Brakes (1).png

Hydraulic Brakes by ZOOM

Copy of Copy of suspension.png

Rider ht:

5ft 1" to 6ft 6"

Copy of suspension.png

Rider wt.: 130 Kgs (286 lbs)

Money back guarantee.png

15 Days Money Back Guarantee*

5 Years warranty.png

3 YEARS - Parts Replacement Warranty 

*All e-bikes should be ridden without throttle on the public land/property/roads.

Please consider all safety standards as per UK/EU DVLA (local driving license authorities)

Cheap electric bike GIN X.jpg

Not just another

electric step through bike...

A hybrid ebike for both city roads and the hills!

Why Choose Us?

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We Outperform Every Other e-bike

hybrid bike comparison

*All e-bikes should be ridden without throttle on the public land/property/roads.

Please consider all safety standards as per UK/EU DVLA (local driving license authorities)

Happy GIN X Riders

Do You Know...

Average price of e-bikes with hydraulic brakes in the UK

Average price of e-bikes with 13AH battery in the UK

Average price of e-bikes with SHIMANO ALTUS derailleur (or higher)  in the UK

Average price of e-bikes with front suspensions in the UK

Average price of e-bikes with large HD LCD display monitor in the UK

Average price of e-bikes with BAFANG brushless motor in the UK

£ 1599

£ 1390

£ 1489

£ 1399

£ 1280

£ 1369

You get all the above and several more high end features in GIN X!

£ 999

Cycle Scheme

Cyclescheme allows you to make monthly payments for your GIN step through electric bikes via salary sacrifice, with no taxes, NI, or interest. This includes the GIN X and any extra accessories.

step through e-bike Cycle Scheme.png
step through e-bike Bike2Work scheme.png

Bike2Work Scheme

As the UK's leading independent provider of the Government Cycle to Work scheme, Bike2Work enables employees to save on bikes and accessories, up to £1,000. The scheme covers the cost of your GIN X e-bike alone, accessories not included.

Want to be on the road sooner with new GIN best step through electric bikes in the UK?

Frequently Asked Questions?


Certainly, we offer worldwide shipping. Our customer base spans across the UK, Ireland, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Cyprus, and beyond....


We're a UK-based company with storage facilities in southern England, Poland, and Southeast Asia. We ship from our UK warehouse for UK buyers, from our Poland warehouse for EU customers, and for all other locations, we dispatch from our UK or Southeast Asia warehouse. 


To ensure no extra costs for our international customers, import taxes and VAT are already inclusive in the GIN X electric bike price. UK (including Ireland & Channel Island) buyers in Berkshire enjoy free shipping directly from our local warehouse. For those outside Berkshire, there's a £49 delivery charge to help cover shipping costs. International customers benefit from a nominal shipping fee, as we contribute partially to keep prices low. For full shipping details, please consult our website's shipping policy.


Indeed, the GIN X step thru e-bike is a 100% street legal bike in the UK, EU, USA, and various other countries. When we ship your e-bike, we make sure it adheres to your country's legal speed limits and local regulations.


We are committed to delivering top-quality electric bikes at affordable prices. Our team, with expertise since 2012, knows how to balance quality and cost-effectiveness. We've also reduced our margins significantly to make the GIN X accessible, despite its premium specifications.


We value product quality, and we know you do too. That's why we offer a 5-year warranty on all electrical components of your GIN X e-bike and a 2-year warranty on mechanical parts, including the battery (subject to warranty terms and conditions). Our warranty policy is straightforward and focused on ensuring our customers' satisfaction.


"The quickest way to learn more about us is through reputable online platforms such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, and various online and offline publications featuring the outstanding features of the GIN X. Simply search for 'GIN X ebike' on Google to find top magazines, videos, articles, and reviews that highlight the excellence of this electric bike. Rest assured, all reviews are genuine, and we have no influence over them.

Customers Also Purchase E-bike Accessories

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bike lock
bike tail light

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£79.45   £129.45

GIN X: lightweight step through electric bike in the UK

step through ebike hybrid
step through hybrid e-bike
step through ebike battery
step through electric hybrid bike
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