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3 Simple Steps To Owning Your GIN X via Cycle scheme


Talk to your employer and find out if cycle to work scheme is in place (it is a very simple process to get it done!)


Choose your GIN X e-bike and any accessories that you would require and get a quote from our store


Submit our quote to your employer and get the voucher

How Much Can I Save? [Cycle to work scheme calculator]

Want to know how much you can save by buying our GIN X? Use our cycle scheme calculator.

Just enter your salary and the price of the bike along with accessories below :

Cycle to work scheme

Are You An Employee?

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Spread the cost of your GIN X e-bike (along with accessories if you need!) across several months. Not only this but also save massive amounts on your yearly taxes! Use our cycle to work scheme calculator to calculate your savings.

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0 upfront cost.
Just share your certificate voucher and let the MAGIC begin!

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FREE for employees to be a part of the Cyclescheme

Are You An Employer?

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Be an employer who supports making e-bikes affordable to your employee with the help of Cyclescheme

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FREE for employers to be a part of the Cyclescheme

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Increase the efficiency of your employees and provide them an extra perk in 

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Save money on National Insurance contributions

Electric bike cycle2work benefits:

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cyclescheme pin.png
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Save time on your daily commute to office by avoid the congestion

By promoting electric bike you do not have to worry about the parking anymore!

Electric bikes reduce the carbon footprints and make the planet green

E-bike makes you ride longer distance and burn those calories; thus, making you healthier

PLEASE NOTE: Cyclescheme vouchers are not allowed to be used with any type of promotion, coupon codes, shipping fees and store discounts.

Cycle scheme providers we work with

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... and few more

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