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How to protect your bike from theft

Updated: Apr 18

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We will tell you how to protect your bike from theft and how scammers manage to steal them. Do you need special anti-theft protection for your bike? How to make sure that your favorite bike is not stolen? Find out in this article.

In the summer, the number of bike thefts is on the rise. The owners themselves carelessly leave the bike unattended or with an unreliable lock. According to Google requests, it seems that the attackers are more technically and legally savvy. In search engines, “bike theft” is more popular than “bike theft protection.” Most likely, the victims are looking for information in the search engine in order to understand what to do in such a situation, and the attackers or bike thieves, in order to once again be convinced of the ease or lack of punishment.

Tips to protect you bike from theft

1. Take a picture of your bike and write down the frame serial number (usually stamped on the bottom of the bottom bracket). Don't throw away your license plate!

2. Use a secure bike lock. We recommend using only a horseshoe lock - U-lock.

bike lock - U-lock

Such locks are much more reliable than cable locks (cable ones break open within 5-60 seconds). Horseshoes can be ordered relatively inexpensively, you can order U-lock here. Before choosing such a lock, read the comparative tests because there are low-quality cheap ones in this segment as well. The disadvantage of the horseshoe lock is the inability to catch on to a thick lamppost. For transportation, some models have a mounting bracket on the frame - this is convenient.

3. A chain lock does not have such a disadvantage in terms of bike security. It is more resistant than cable, but still breaks in a minute. A good bicycle chain lock is heavy and has thick links (5 mm in diameter) and weighs over a kilogram. If you always park your bike in the same place (for example, near the office), then you can not carry such a bike lock with you and always leave it fastened to the bike rack.

4. We also recommend a segment type lock. It is expensive, but reliable and they can chain your iron horse to the fence. Such a lock usually also has a bracket for transportation on the frame.

5. Park your bike in the most crowded place. This will not embarrass an experienced thief, but it will scare off a novice hijacker who is afraid to attract the extra attention of passers-by. The view of video cameras and additional lighting will not interfere.

6. Secure your bike properly. It is advisable to lock not only the frame to the fence with a lock, but also “grab” one of the wheels.

bike theft

7. If you have an expensive bike - fix it with two locks.

8. A dirty bike is less likely to attract a thief.

9. Try to negotiate with the janitor, and if it doesn’t work out, then with the director of the building where you work and keep the bike inside.

10. Bicycle insurance. This option has been in place for several years now. For an annual amount of 5-7% of the value of your bike, you get a guarantee of compensation for loss in case of theft, accident, damage to someone else's property (car or bike) and someone else's health. So far, only a few companies offer this service. Their insurance conditions are somewhat different - carefully read the insurance contract and compare.


Bicycles can always be stolen. And at the same time, to prevent a stolen bike you should not develop excessive paranoia and “wind up” yourself with thoughts about what is happening on the street with your two-wheeled friend. Consider that a bicycle is just a thing. Take it philosophically and just enjoy your trips! We hope the tips above will help you protect your bike from theft. Stay with us!

In our GIN X online store you can find all necessary accessories to protect your e-bike from theft. Feel free to call us or just drop us a message and we will get back to you soon!


Nathan Blackburn
Nathan Blackburn

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