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Top 5 ideas of interesting cycle routes in England

Updated: Apr 18

Once in England, you will be surprised how developed the cycling culture is here. Citizens choose two-wheeled transport for its convenience and efficiency, and the government supports them because it reduces traffic congestion and public transport. Therefore, everything is provided for both bicycles and e-bikes in English cities: bike paths, special bicycle markings and an abundance of parking lots.

If you are not a fan of the "stone jungle" and want to see the beauty of real, non-tourist England - forests, fields, picturesque villages, river banks - you will also like a bike trip outside of civilization. In England, it is allowed to carry an “iron horse” on trains, so you can start from anywhere on the country map. And rural roads are quite comfortable for a mountain or cross-country bike. In this article we will describe more incredible cycle routes England to thrill your mind.

cycle routes in England
Top 5 ideas of interesting cycle routes in England

5 bike cycle routes England that will blow your mind

  1. Scenic track for experienced and hardy riders: Purbeck Ride, Dorset. 47 kilometers of road around the Purbeck Peninsula in Dorset lie through the countryside. You will meet many historical sights, including the ancient castle of Corfe - the picturesque ruins of an ancient fortress built under William the Conqueror. And, of course, along the way you will fully enjoy the views of the English Channel.

  2. A short but scenic Wales cycling route through Dolgellau and Barmouth is 22 miles long. It is one of the best cycle routes england along country roads, where you will find breathtaking landscapes and cozy little villages where you can stop.

  3. The legendary county of Kent can also be explored by bike. There is a cycle route around the Isle of Thanet, covering the resorts of Ramsgate, Margate and Broadstairs. Pastoral landscapes alternate with inspiring sea views, and there are very few areas with steep climbs.

  4. For lovers of measured travel, we recommend the off road cycle route england to scotland: from Edinburgh to North Berwick. It is 33 miles long and along the way you can visit a working water mill and the Museum of Flight. You will also meet the village of East Fortune, famous for one of the oldest operating airfields in England: it was built during the First World War to protect against enemy airships.

  5. A long but measured route is a trip along Hawes-Tan Hill Road. This is a circuit through the Yorkshire Dales National Park, starting at the Visitor Center (GR SD874898). Along the way, you will see all the beauties of the park and you can stop by a pub located at the highest point in England.

Cycling will help you feel the atmosphere of Foggy Albion much more fully and closer than any other mode of transport. So choose a route, look for like-minded people and go on an adventure! And we recommend you to have a look at our GIN X e-bike to make your cycle england more easy and comfortable.

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