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Electric bike hire services in London

Updated: May 17, 2023

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40% of Londoners are not motorists. Among the many public transport options available, cycling may be the greenest. The capital is gradually changing its priorities in terms of moving around the city. Despite the many difficulties and obstacles along the way (sometimes literally), as well as the problems of road safety, bike rental will allow citizens to join the modern two-wheeled revolution. If you are tired of traffic jams, you are tired of pushing in public transport, or you just want to be independent, we offer you a list of services for electric bike hire near me.


E-bikes are a powerful and practical tool for your needs! Electric bike hire services usually provide full technical service, complete transport with everything you need. Maximum power reserve on a single charge and high reliability! You will receive a high-quality, fully equipped product for personal use, without losing your strength, attention, and even at minimal cost!

Advantages of electric bike hire:

  • maximum power reserve;

  • high-quality equipment and assembly;

  • full transport service;

  • speed up to 50 km/h;

  • the most capacious batteries;

  • the possibility of daily replacement of the battery with a charged one;

  • the ability to move in any weather;

  • redemption right;

e-bike hire london

Electric bike hire in London

In London, there are several hundred parking lots that provide e-bikes for hire. In total, there are about 6,000 such types of transport available for rent in the city. Each of these bikes is quite modern, they are made of high-quality and high-strength materials and equipped with reliable tires that have a puncture protection system. In addition, the bikes have small trunks to accommodate your belongings, and the chain is equipped with a special plate that prevents customers from getting into the mechanism of the hem of the customers' trousers.

You can rent an e-bike at any of the specialized parking lots of the city, the locations of which are indicated on special maps. You can determine that you are in an authorized parking lot by a large number of two-wheeled horses standing in a row and securely fixed in special racks. There is also a terminal for paying for electric bike hire london near each parking lot.

Such places for storing public transport can be found anywhere in the city, the distance between parking lots is about 300 meters.

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Services For Bike Hire in London For Part-Time Pedallers

1. Santander E-Bikes (known as ‘Boris Bikes’)

Bicycles from Santander Cycles are also called Boris Bikes. In 2020, the company showed record growth - the number of bikes rented increased by 167% compared to 2019. Therefore, Santander decided to extend the rental program until at least 2025 and expand its network.

satander e-bikes

Price: from £1.65 for 30 minutes

How to hire a Satander e-bike?

  1. Download the Santander Cycles app (or update to the latest version) OR.

  2. Go to your nearest docking station with your bank card OR.

  3. Hire with a membership key.

2. Lime E-Bikes

The company is stepping up its drive to promote electric rental bikes, with plans to launch them in a top ten new cities in North America by the end of the year, as well as dozens more cities in Europe and other markets. In total, the company plans to roll out its rental electric bike networks in 50 new cities by early 2022, roughly quadrupling its fleet.

Lime E-Bikes

Price: £1 to unlock and 15p per minute to ride.

How to hire a Lime e-bike?

  1. You locate the nearest Lime bike through their smartphone app.

  2. Scan a QR code on the rear mudguard.

  3. Bike should unlock for you.

  4. Test the brakes, and you're away laughing.

3. Humanforest E-bikes

HumanForest e-bikes are painted a nice green color and are tracked using GPS technology. This means that they will automatically be blocked if they leave the four areas of London allowed so far. Unlike electric scooters, you don't need a driver's license to use a HumanForest bike.

Humanforest E-bikes

Price: 10 minutes free, then 15p per minute.

How to hire a Humanforest e-bike?

  1. Unlock the bike in the HumanForest app.

  2. Watch a short commercial that will allow the company to provide the first minutes of free use by generating advertising revenue.

4. Dott E-bikes

Dott is a young Dutch startup that rents electric scooters, scooters and e-bikes. Last year, the company launched the rental of its own new electric bikes in Paris. Now, thanks to new investments, the startup launched its service in Rome, Milan, Brussels and London, and also plans to expand its fleet of vehicles. By the end of 2022, the startup will have about 3,000 electric bikes in use in Paris, with several thousand more in European cities (including London), according to Dott. You can hire electric bike using the corresponding application of the company.

Dott E-bikes

Price: 1 to unlock, then £0.17/min.

How to hire a Dott e-bike?

  1. Download the app.

  2. Sign up and scan a Dott QR code to find deals in your city.

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