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Best ebike accessories 2023

Updated: Apr 16

Table of contents:

2.2. Pump

2.3. Multitool

Buying an electric bike is a milestone event for a rider. After buying such “iron friend”, the exciting process of riding begins. Here the owner comes to the idea of buying additional components and ebike accessories, since the basic equipment does not imply their presence.

Many manufacturers give the rider the opportunity to equip an e-bike with the set of accessories that he needs. For example, in GIN X e-bike, we have a separate accessories dedicated page to upgrade your bike. A large selection of goods on the market makes it possible to find positions that satisfy requests in terms of price and characteristics.

Additional accessories are represented by various products - from a helmet and a pump to a first-aid kit and a multi-tool. Although they have different purposes, the following categories can be conditionally distinguished:

  • safety;

  • maintenance and repair;

  • extra comfort.

The owner of an e-bike can choose only the accessories necessary for his purposes, thereby avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Best e-bike accessories 2023

Ebike accessories for safe riding

Safety is an important factor in the operation of any vehicle. Even experienced riders are not immune from falls and accidents, so elementary protection should not be ignored. Helmet, gloves - this is the minimum that every owner of an electric bike needs.

Cycling helmets and more

Bicycle helmets are made from inelastic foam. When hitting a hard hard surface, this material takes the main damage, protecting the rider's head from bruises and concussions.

Bicycle helmets differ in shape and purpose. There are:

  • highway/road;

  • extreme;

  • MTV models.

Road - the lightest, without a visor, suitable for high-speed movement on the highway. Extreme helmets are equipped with reinforced protection of the cheekbones and skull. MTV models are distinguished by perforation on the body and a visor. These are well ventilated helmets.

E-Bike Helmet

When choosing a model, the main thing to focus on is the size. The helmet should fit snugly to the head, while not causing discomfort. In case of damage (even small cracks), it should be replaced, since it is no longer able to perform its protective function.

Cycling gloves also protect the skin of the palms in case of a fall. Additionally, they prevent the formation of calluses on the hands, facilitate the control of the bicycle hybrid, eliminating slippage of the palm when turning the handle. Winter models are classic, summer models are mitts.

Ebike aceessories for maintenance and protection

In case of long trips or travels over long distances, take care of the means of maintenance of the velobike. You need to have a minimum of tools with you that can be useful on the road.

Bicycle first aid kit

This accessory is designed to quickly repair the bicycle inner tube on the road. The kit includes a set of patches, as well as special glue.


Essential item for adjusting tire pressure. A portable hand pump and a stationary floor pump are must have ebike accessories. The first, due to its compactness, is convenient for travel, the second allows you to quickly pump up tires at home.


Multitool - a compact set of bicycle tools and keys. This is a useful multifunctional thing for the owner of an electric scooter or hybrid e-bike. It is required for both when assembling a bike and when servicing it. With the help of a multi-tool, the rider makes adjustments (changes the height of the saddle, adjusts the handlebars), performs minor repairs, installs mounts for additional ebike accessories.

Spare camera, mounts

The first-aid kit will help with minor repairs of the bike tube, and in case of significant defects, a complete replacement is required. To do this, you only need a spare wheel, as well as a portable bicycle pump. When folded, the spare camera does not take up much space. It can easily be put in the pocket of a backpack or bag.

Replacing a bike tire is impossible without mounting. This is a compact plastic tool that allows you to quickly release the camera from the tire.

Chain cleaners and lubricants

In order for the bicycle hybrid to work properly, all its components must be looked after. The chain is no exception. It is recommended to clean and lubricate the transmission every 120-150 km. For this, special tools are used that are sure to come in handy on long journeys, especially when moving off-road. Proper maintenance of your bike chain will extend the life of your e-bike.

E-bike U-lock

An anti-theft device is necessary if the hybrid e-bike has to be left out of sight often on the street. A bicycle lock will allow you to go to the store or drink a cup of coffee without worrying about the safety of transport. It works on the principle of installing a code that only the owner knows. The steel cable is difficult to cut, and any long manipulations with it can make others suspicious.

Smartphone holder mount

A convenient device that fixes a smartphone on the handlebars of an e-bike. The phone often replaces the bike computer if you download the appropriate app for the model.

E-bike accessories for extra comfort

To make the ride even more comfortable and enjoyable, there are various accessories available.

E-bike supercharger

An e-bike supercharger is a device designed to improve the performance and extend the range of an electric bicycle. It works by increasing the voltage and amperage of the battery, allowing the motor to produce more power. This, in turn, makes the bike faster, more efficient and provides a longer range.

The supercharger can be easily installed on most electric bikes, simply by plugging it into the existing battery. It's important to note that the supercharger must be compatible with the specific model and type of e-bike.

E-bike padded saddle

A padded saddle is a bicycle seat designed for added comfort during long rides. Unlike traditional bicycle saddles, which can be hard and uncomfortable, a padded saddle is cushioned with foam or gel to provide a soft and supportive surface for the rider.

Padded saddles come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit different types of riders and riding styles. Some are wider and more plush, while others are slimmer and more streamlined. Some saddles are designed specifically for women, taking into account the differences in anatomy and riding style.

Water bottle holder

A bottle cage is essential for any rider. Even on an electric bike, there is a manual pedaling function, that is, when the bike is used as a simple bike. This will conserve battery power, but it will also lead to mild dehydration due to exercise. Therefore, a bottle of water is essential on any trip.

We offer to buy a GIN X electric bike, as well as accessories for it, in our online store. We have a large selection of ebike accessories, and for GIN X e-bike model we offer a possibility of a free test ride in any of our showrooms. If you have questions or need help, contact the manager, he will help you choose the model of electric bike, as well as complete it with additional accessories.

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