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How to charge your e-bike?

Updated: Apr 18

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Proper maintenance of the battery of an electric bike is the key to a long and successful operation of the vehicle. Our article contains general recommendations for charging e bike batteries and some useful tips on how to handle batteries to extend their life.

The battery installed on the electric bike is discharged sooner or later and loses the ability to power the engine. We have prepared recommendations for you on how to charge the battery in order to maintain its energy intensity and increase the range of the vehicle without additional charging.

How to properly charge an e-bike battery?

To ensure the productive functioning of the battery, regardless of its type, it is important to follow the 5 "golden" rules:

  1. Use only the original charger (charger), which is designed specifically for a particular battery. If you need to replace the memory, it is recommended to contact the service center for advice.

  2. Charge from the mains with a voltage of 220 V with the engine off. You can leave the drive on the ebike while charging.

  3. Disconnect the device from the network immediately after reaching a full charge. The battery is charged from 3 to 8 hours depending on the capacity.

  4. Before long-term storage, charge to the level recommended in the instructions. Once every 2-3 months, connect the battery to the network, because even in the "standby" mode it is discharged.

  5. Do not bring to the maximum discharge - this greatly reduces the time of successful operation of the power source. The allowed minimum charge level is 30%. The drive must be connected to the network after each trip.

Still doubt how do you charge an electric bike? After buying an e-bike, it is important to constantly monitor the condition of the battery. If you notice that transport is gradually covering ever shorter distances, but the battery is not old yet, then you are doing something wrong or a factory defect is to blame. In any case, we recommend that you contact the service center.

How to charge your e-bike?
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Battery Life Saving Tips [e-bike]

The key to a long service life of an electric bike is the economical use of power supply resources. So try to follow these guidelines:

  • Smoothly accelerate the electric bike, don't "tear" the gas at the start. Help the vehicle accelerate by pedaling. Even 2-3 turns reduce the load on the motor-wheel. Also pedaling during acceleration saves battery and increases the duration of autonomous driving.

  • Pedal when going uphill. Try not to abuse the functionality of the motor.

  • give a rest for electric bike charging battery - pedal when there is a smooth asphalt road ahead, and you have the strength and desire. The more often pedaling is used, the longer the trip from one charge.

  • Do not connect third-party devices to the battery: phones, tablets, etc. Charge only those accessories that are needed to complete the vehicle.

  • Choose a soft driving style, without choppy movements and sudden braking. Low speeds require less power. Acceleration increases the amount of mechanical work of the motor. And this increases the current consumption of the battery. Measured movement is an increase in the mileage of the electric bike and the safety of the user.

  • Perform vehicle maintenance in a timely manner. Monitor the charge level of the power source, monitor the health of electrical components. Pay attention to the condition of the tires, pump them up to the desired pressure. The mileage of the bike on a single charge will be greatly reduced if the tires are flat. Check their wear regularly. Tires in poor condition make the ride more difficult.

  • Do not turn an electric bike into a cargo carrier. Minimize wheel load. The weight of the items being transported must not exceed the carrying capacity of the vehicle.

  • As you move, adopt the low, aerodynamic riding position of an athletic cyclist. This will reduce air resistance and facilitate the movement of vehicles. This means less stress on the battery.

  • Another important point: disconnect the battery immediately after you parked. And if you use an electric bike in the cold season, then take care of the battery insulation. In summer, an additional cooling system will not interfere with the device.

The actual travel distance depends on several parameters: the weight of the user, the speed of movement, pedaling, the frequency of acceleration and braking, the characteristics of the road surface, the quality of the e-bike itself. Therefore, it is important to purchase such transport in trusted manufacturers. By placing an order in the GIN X online store, you will get a good assistant, and by following the elementary rules, you will significantly extend its life. Also you can call our experts anytime if you need advices about electric bike how to charge, we will be glad to assist you.


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