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Best electric bikes under £500 in 2022

Updated: Apr 18

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An electric bicycle is a compact, convenient, maneuverable and environmentally friendly means of transportation. It is ideal for those who are tired of the usual transport, endless traffic jams and want to try something new, as well as for those who cannot use a regular bike. The price is the most important parameter for the buyer, especially if he purchases a personal electric vehicle for the first time: no one wants to waste money.

The Prevalence of Low-Quality Electric Bikes and Their Risks

There is an opinion that cheap electric bikes are low-quality models of the so-called "handicraft" production. Unfortunately, such devices are not uncommon in today's market. In their manufacture, materials of low strength and dubious quality are used, because the main goal of the manufacturer is to make a profit. The use of such devices is dangerous to human life and health.

However, budget models are also found in fairly well-known manufacturers who guarantee the high quality of their products. In this article we collected models and brands of the best electric bikes under 500.

The low price of such models may be due to:

  • low technical characteristics;

  • the lack of some additional features present in more expensive models;

  • novelty and not promoted brand;

  • no advertising costs;

  • simplicity of design.

The average cost of inexpensive e-bikes in UK ranges from £500 to £1500.

Comparison of the best electric bikes under 500 uk



Key features

Windway Folding Electric Bike


36V 6AH lithium-ion front battery

3 smart cycling modes

Unique cruise control

Assist Hybrid Electric Bike


Promax V Brakes

24V 250W front-hub electric motor

Automatic speed sensor

Whirlwind C4 Lightweight 250W


LED screen display

3 gear options

Robot pedal assist

Windgoo Urban Commuter Folding Electric Bike


Cruise control

Disc brake system

IPX5 waterproof rating

E Plus City Folder


Shimano gears

Low step-over frame

Front and rear mudguards

Kugoo Kirin B1 Pro


Inflatable rubber tyres

LED brake lights

Superior aluminium alloy chassis

TOEU Electric Folding Bike


Power assist mode

Front and rear double disc brakes

350W motor

The popularity of best e bike under 500 is growing even Forbes recently mentioned that e-bikes are next transportation solution for businesses. There are already quite affordable models on the market compared to the situation that was a year or two earlier. The presented models are the most affordable on the market, but at the same time they have excellent quality and reliability.

Best e-bikes under £500 in 2022

We also recommend you to check our article about pro's and con's of electric bikes.

How to choose an inexpensive best electric bike under 500?

When buying, you should remember that many well-known world brands offer a wide selection of high-quality models, so you should not opt ​​for devices of dubious production.

If you want to buy an inexpensive electric bike in London, when choosing a device, follow these simple rules:

  • you should only buy from a reliable seller who will give you a guarantee. In pursuit of a low price, you should not take risks and purchase fake or low-quality goods;

  • pay attention to the country of origin. Affordable models are usually made in China. They are in no way inferior in quality to American-made devices;

  • evaluate the battery capacity - it is on this parameter that the distance that it can travel without recharging depends. As a rule, cheap models are equipped with batteries of a smaller capacity;

  • estimate the power of the engine. If you are not a supporter of extreme driving, then there is no need to overpay for an improved engine, the most reasonable thing is to buy a cheap electric bike with average parameters;

  • before buying, you can use the rental service - this will allow you to get to know the device better and understand if you need it. For example, in our GIN X website we offer an option of free test drive before buying an e-bike.

About Us

GIN X offers you to buy an inexpensive electric bike. We offer only high-quality models.

Our experts will help you choose the device according to your wishes and lifestyle. In addition, you can buy from us at a discount.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone in London +44 74357 18906, or by leaving a request for a call back. Contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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