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Guide how to choose cheap electric bike 2023: top 5 cheap e-bikes

Updated: Apr 18

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Cycling is always a very exciting activity to improve your health and fitness, or simply because you are a high performance athlete. However, if your goal is just to have fun or go to work, then you need to try riding an electric bike.

One of the most common problems with electric bikes is their high cost, but there are now much cheaper models out there that provide a really similar and comfortable ride to a much more expensive bike. In this article we made a guide on how to choose a cheap electric bike and here is a list of points which you should pay attention to.

Electric bicycle motors

Electric bikes use a hub motor instead of a mid-drive. These motors can be located on the front wheel of the bike, but most often they are located on the rear wheel.

It should be noted that hub motors do not have the same agility as mid-drive motors because the weight is concentrated on the front or rear of the bike. These engines have a top speed of 30 km/h.

Components of cheap e-bikes

There has always been a misconception that cheap bikes are considered less safe than more expensive ones, but what is actually unknown is that bike designers have taken into account that they can incorporate cheaper and better parts without sacrificing safety and comfort. from this.

The most expensive components are hydraulic discs, tires and a reliable electronic system.

Battery for cheap electric bikes

When buying a bike that is much cheaper than a regular bike, the battery performance is most likely not as expected. Apart from the battery of the Blix Vika+ electric bike, which has good charging performance, other bikes have an average battery life of 35 to 45 kilometers. Therefore, it is recommended to check the battery range before purchasing.

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5 cheap e-bikes

1. Rad Power Bikes

cheap electric mountain bike

This is an electric bike equipped with a 750W direct drive gear motor; that is quite powerful. It also features a Shimano Altus 7-speed transmission, built-in throttle, fenders and headlights for the dark.

This is a good cheap electric mountain bike as it is comfortable compared to other more expensive models. It has mechanical disc brakes and a cadence sensor. Batteries last an average of 55 kilometers.

It can be found on the market at an average price of 1300 euros.

2. Aventon Pace 350

Aventon Pace 350 cheap e bike

The Aventon Pace 350 has a top speed of 30 km/h whether you use the pedals or the accelerator. In addition, it has a 7-speed Shimano Tourney gearbox and 5 levels of electronic assistance that provide multiple pedaling options.

It should be noted that this model does not have illumination at night, but it is highly recommended for short daily trips.

It can be found on the market at an average price of 900 euros.

3. Schwinn Monroe 250

Schwinn Monroe 250 cheap electric bike

This e-bike is considered an inexpensive electric bike, as it has a unique speed. When riding this bike, you feel that it is heavy. For this reason, high lifts are not recommended as the engine may not be able to withstand the wear. They are much better used in places with smooth roads.

It has a top speed of 80 km/h and can be found on the market for an average price of 723 euros.

4. Blix Vika +

cheap electric folding bike

This is a cheap electric folding bike that is ideal for short trips. Has a weight of 22 kg; In other words, it's quite heavy for its size, and its folded mechanism isn't as elegant as other bikes.

Although it is foldable, it is durable enough to go for a walk or work, and the engine is powerful enough to make the ride enjoyable. It also has front and rear lights for the night and a bicycle-like foot that acts as a stand when stopped.

It can be found on the market at an average price of 1500 euros.

5. Rad Power Bikes Rad City

This is the recommended electric bike for people who like to travel long distances. It has a large 48V battery that provides a range of 40 to 72 km, with a 750-watt electronic engine support system that has enough acceleration to avoid problems during heavy traffic.

To help you not abuse your energy consumption, the bike has a variometer so you can manage your energy consumption on the LCD screen. In addition, it has a rear support that can support up to 30 kg of weight and Kenda K-Rad brand tires that are very puncture resistant.

It has everything you need such as headlights and taillights for the night, fenders and a rear kickstand.

It can be found on the market at an average price of 1400 euros.


E-bikes are a great option for people living in busy cities, making the ride more comfortable and enjoyable. The only problem they have is that they have a high acquisition cost, which is why we created this list so you can try and find cheaper options.

Keep in mind that before choosing and buying the best cheap electric bike, you should know the specifications of each electric bike and determine if it is worth paying the asking price.

It is worth mentioning that our GIN X is world’s cheapest 250W commuter&mountain fat tire e-bike at just 999 £. It has premium features equivalent to an industry average e-bike worth £1449 in the UK. In case you need to ask more questions about our electric bike, you can always book a call with our manager.


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