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Fastest Electric Bike: Review of 2023

Updated: Apr 18

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The fastest electric bike can reach speeds from 50 to 100 km/h, and this is not the limit! Powerful electric bikes are practically motorcycles that require appropriate driving skills and compliance with traffic rules. With such performance, an electric bike can easily replace a car, from which the owner of the vehicle will only benefit. This hybrid bike does not pollute the atmosphere with exhaust gases, as it uses electricity and can be stored in your own apartment due to the absence of fuel smell.

Electric bikes from 1000W and above

The maximum speed of the directly depends on the power of the installed engine. E-bikes equipped with motor-wheels of high power are characterized by significant speed indicators. Thus, the 1000W motor-wheels not only significantly increase the dynamics of acceleration and make it easier to overcome steep climbs, but also increase the maximum speed to 55 km/h.

To power a powerful engine, energy-intensive batteries are installed on bicycle hybrids, allowing them to travel up to 50 km on a single charge. You can ride both on electric traction and on pedals with the help of a motor in synchronous mode. Or you can completely switch to pedaling to warm up on the way. Almost all modern powerful bicycle hybrids are equipped with reliable disc brakes, Pass Control assistance system, informative bike computer, bright LED headlights, cruise control and other necessary equipment for comfortable trips.

Fastest Electric Bikes 2022

E-bikes from 3000W and above will satisfy even the most demanding riders. Such models will provide a high speed of up to 75 km/h, and will make it possible to overcome a greater distance compared to other e-bike hybrids. Of the minuses of powerful electric bicycles, we note their high cost and, perhaps, a rare appearance on the market. To buy, for example, a 4000W electric bike, you still need to try to find a quality model from a trusted manufacturer.

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What types of 100 km/h electric bikes are available today?

Electric bikes that reach speeds of 100 km per hour in just a few minutes are usually equipped with a powerful motor, for:

  • 1500w;

  • 3000w;

  • 9000w.

Models that give out maximum speed (largely determined by the gear ratio from the engine to the wheel) are equipped with:

  • fasteners that prevent scrolling, loss of the motor-wheel;

  • reinforced rims;

  • special tires that can withstand heavy loads;

  • capacious battery.

The maximum mileage of an e-bike of 100 km/h varies from 50 to 200 km, depending on:

  • battery type;

  • charge values;

  • movement speed;

  • vehicle weight;

  • engine and transmission efficiency;

  • type of terrain on which the movement is carried out.

5 advantages of a powerful e-bike:

1. Excellent dynamics

2. High top speed

3. High mileage per charge

4. Riding uphill on an electric motor

5. The pleasure of cycling

The disadvantages of the fastest electric mountain bike include:

  • heavy weight (up to 50 kg);

  • the need to overcome drive resistance when driving in simple pedalling mode.

The fastest e-bikes 2022

Gulas Pi1 or eROCKIT

The unconventional vehicle, "Made in Germany" (Berlin) uses a speed control, which at first glance appears to be conventional pedalling. However, this is not the case: only the speed of the Pi1 is regulated by pedaling slower or faster - for the inventor, Stefan Gulas, somehow "quite logical".

Main features:

  • 128kg weight

  • 38 hp

  • 100 Nm torque

  • up to 115 km/h top speed

  • and requires a well-stocked wallet (the price is around €25,000 depending on the equipment).

Gulas Pi1 or eROCKIT

M55 terminus

M55 claims the status of “currently the fastest e-bike with pedelec technology” for the “Terminus”.

  • 2 KW motor

  • >30 kg weight

  • 1.6kWh battery

  • 80 km range

  • 120 km/h maximum speed

  • titanium manufactured components.

M55 terminus


The Delfast company promises an unbelievable range of 380 km for their "Prime", a 43 kg e-bike with a real battery monster on board.

  • operating voltage of 48 volts and 64 ampere hours of electrical charge

  • battery capacity of around 3 kWh

  • if recuperation is left out, the battery lasts for 15 hours

  • average speed of 25 km/h, which results in a range of 375 km


How to get the fastest electric bike uk?

Buying the fastest electric bike uk in the GIN X online store is the right decision! We offer our customers:

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