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Second Hand Electric Bikes

Should you go for second hand electric bikes?
The short answer is "NO"

used battery life.png

Used battery : low battery life

used motor.png

Worn out motor - low efficiency

Worn out tyres.png

Worn out tyres treads

.. and all other several reasons

At just £999 you get the most premium specs electric bike with amazing specs

Why Not To Choose
econd Hand Electric Bikes For Sale'

first hand vs second hand.png

New GIN X e-bike

USED e-bike

- Price : £999 ONLY

- Brand new bike parts

- Company warranty

- Comfort quality

- Long range & motor efficiency

- Average price : £499 - 1499

- Used bike parts

- No warranty & maintenance

- Comfort quality compromised

- Shorter range and poor motor

Although there is a big market for used electric bicycles, it is important to note down that rider's safety and riding comfort MUST NOT be compromised. You might be able to save few bucks on buying a used second hand (or more!) e-bike for yourself but the bike quality (in terms of bike parts) must not be compromised. 

We, at GIN X electric bicycle, ensure that every rider gets the best quality electric bicycle with the best premium specs possible in the lowest price point. Our warranty and customer satisfaction approach ensures that every rider is happy when they ride the

GIN X electric bike.

People often search for the terms like 'second hand electric bikes near me' or 'second hand electric bikes for sale near me'. However, they often ignore to analyze that they are compromising the rider's safety and the riding conditions. While on the road on an electric bicycle it is very critical that you get the maximum possible motor output and the best riding range on the roads or off-roads. 

GIN X e-bike is not only packed with great features and specs but also comes with hybrid tyres and frames. This allows the riders to ride both on roads and off-road as well. 

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