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GIN X has premium specs such as 500W BAFANG brushless motor, 615WH Tesla Grade Battery, Hydraulic brakes, Powerful suspensions and many more.

Free upgrades included:

- now your GINX comes with full matt finish mudguards (unbreakable)
- there will be an extra derailleur protector for increased safety
- throttle will now be detachable (rider can also do it themselves)
- riders can delimit speed themselves with just push of buttons!
- the throttle and horn is detachable and can be plugged in anytime, it just takes 8 seconds to unlock the speed!
- the front headlights are now upgraded to a higher lumens output. Your GIN X comes with the taillight too
- the battery power is now upgraded (the maximum voltage output is now 52Volts!!!) for enhanced range


1st payment payment for 500W - basic model

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