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Why You Should Not Buy a Cheap Electric Bike?

Updated: Apr 16

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Hey there, e-bike enthusiasts! In today's blog article Rahul here, co-founder of GIN E Bikes, is unraveling the reasons why opting for cheap electric bike might not be the wisest choice.

1. The Motor Quality of Cheap Electric Bike

At GIN X, we swear by the Bafang brushless motor (250W and 500W options) for its reliability and efficiency. Cheap ebike alternatives often house generic Chinese motors, which, after a few hundred miles, become inefficient and prone to issues due to overheating. Investing in a quality motor ensures the heart of your e-bike remains efficient for the long haul.

Electric bicycle showcased with highlighted features of motor, brakes, and battery on a technical specification backdrop

2. Braking for Safety: Why Compromise?

GIN X never compromises on brake quality. We opt for hydraulic ZOOM brakes (180 mm), offering superior performance and safety. Cheaper bikes typically cut corners with mechanical brakes, a risky choice, especially considering the weight of both the bike and the rider. Prioritizing safety in every ride is non-negotiable.

cheap ebike brakes

3. Battery Blues: Tesla-Grade Cells vs. Budget Batteries

GIN X e-bikes feature Tesla-grade cells known for their slow degradation, guaranteeing stable efficiency over the years. Cheaper bikes settle for lower-grade batteries with smaller capacities (300-350 Wh compared to 666Wh in GIN X e-bike), resulting in shorter ranges and faster degradation. This could lead to significant long-term expenses as you find yourself replacing both the motor and battery.

Investing in a GIN X means investing in quality, reliability, and a battery that stands the test of time. Our batteries are operating at 48-54 volts!

cheap ebike battery

Why GIN X? A Long-Term Investment in Joyful Riding

While the allure of a low-priced e-bike might be tempting initially, it's crucial to consider potential long-term expenses associated with cheaper alternatives. Choosing a high-quality electric bike like our GIN X hybrid e-bike, priced under £1000, means embracing a reliable and enjoyable ride without hidden costs.

Our GIN e-bikes are crafted with premium components within an affordable price range, making them the ideal choice for those seeking a balance between quality and affordability. GIN X e-bike basic model comes with a price tag of £999 making it one of the cheapest electric bike in the UK yet with premium specs.

Remember, the joy of a fantastic e-bike ride is an investment that pays off in the long run! 🚀

Stay tuned for more insights and updates by subscribing to our channel. Happy riding!

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