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Top Electric Bike Accessories to Boost Your Riding Experience

E-bikes have transformed our commutes. They offer an eco-friendly and efficient way to get around. To make your ride even better, consider getting electric bike accessories. From improving comfort, functionality, and safety, you have a wide variety of accessories to choose from.

The right additions can turn your e-bike into the ultimate ride whether you’re a daily commuter or a weekend adventurer.

Join Gin e-bike, a leading electric bike UK company, as we explore handy e-bike accessories from high-tech gadgets to practical add-ons.

Must-Have Accessories for Your E-bikes in 2024

Here are some electric bike accessories that can be attached to your ride:

Anti-Theft Bike Alarm

E-bike thefts increased 103% in 2023 compared to 2022 across the United Kingdom. With electric two-wheelers costing anywhere between £500 and several thousand pounds, it's important to invest in a high-quality anti-theft bike alarm for your peace of mind. 

Gin e-bikes’ alarm can be attached to the frame. It has a range of up to 80 feet and will go off when the bike is tilted 45 degrees or more. 

Charging Solution

E-bikes offer a generous range that can cover 20 to 100 miles on a single charge. But even the best batteries can leave you hanging during the most inopportune times. 

Our supercharger will ensure you always have enough juice. This can prevent you from tracking every mile and obsessing over optimizing charging cycles. Lightweight and compact, this electric bike accessory can power your ride in about half the time!

You can also extend your ride time with the Gin e-bike battery (614.4 WH, 48V)

And if you have our electric hybrid bike, consider getting our coveted smart charger.

Compact Horns 

Alert other vehicles and pedestrians to your presence by mounting a compact horn on your handlebars. It’s a life-saving device that costs a small sum, weighs almost nothing, and is easy to install.

Ergonomic Saddle 

People are using e-bikes over longer distances. A study in Norway discovered that the average daily trip length increased from 1.3 miles to 5.7 miles.

If you’re tackling long distances daily, invest in a comfortable paddle saddle. It’s made with high-elastic, wear-resistant, and scratch-resistant material, uses thick foam for added comfort, and has dual springs underneath. The seat will help you maintain a stable position and keep you from sliding backward as you accelerate.

Handlebar-Mounted Mirror

Enhance safety with e-bike mirrors that offer a wide view of what’s happening behind you. They let you turn and change lanes with ease  without having to move your head and body.

Mirrors can give you a sense of security and confidence as you navigate traffic, which can make the riding experience infinitely more enjoyable.

LED Lights 

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) increase your visibility at night when serious and fatal crashes are more likely to occur.

For enhanced safety, equip your ride with high-performing front and rear LED lights. Our multi-purpose taillights are a great option. They offer USB charging, have more than 5 light modes, and can be operated from the front controller.

You should also consider using reflectors. They catch and reflect flashing lights to make your bike more visible on the road.


Whether you use your e-bike to run errands or commute to work, a pannier is the ultimate storage solution. It’s like a backpack but better since you don’t have to carry it on your shoulder, neck, and back. Musculoskeletal issues? They don’t stand a chance with this accessory!

Our pannier bag is produced from nylon, is weather-resistant, and has thick layers for advanced protection. With a generous capacity, there’s space for all your belongings and you can easily attach it to your ride!

Phone Mounts 

Mobile phones are indispensable nowadays. They help you navigate your surroundings, plan your route, and keep loved ones informed about your whereabouts. Keep it close to you with a phone holder.

This premium-quality transparent e-bike accessory is compatible with mobile phones that have 6.8-inch screens. It also has space for your wallet, keys, sports gloves, and other small items. 

The mount is waterproof and supports touchscreen and face ID functionalities. Meanwhile, reflective strips enhance your visibility on the road.


Instead of adjusting to your e-bike, let it adapt to your needs with good spacers.

Fine-tune the height of your bike’s handlebars with premium-quality spacers. They are designed to help you raise or lower the handlebar height, optimize your riding position, and help with back and wrist issues. 

Suspension Seat Post

If you frequently travel over rocky terrains, our suspension seat post can make your ride more comfortable.

Built with high-strength and corrosion-resistant aluminum, it will minimize the impact of irregular trails and reduce fatigue so you can ride comfortably for longer periods. 

E-Bike Essentials for the Ultimate Ride

In the previous section, we listed a few nice-to-have accessories. However, there are a few basic must-haves that any smart rider should own. 


If you want to maintain your e-bike’s superior performance, you need to look beyond regular care and maintenance. 

Use a waterproof, anti-UV bike cover to protect it from weather elements like rain and snow as well as debris like dust, pollen, and bird droppings. Its dimensions will easily fit most e-bikes.


Helmets decrease the risk of head and brain injuries by 65 to 88%. They provide high levels of protection from motor vehicles (69%).

A high-quality helmet can protect your skull, prevent weather elements like rain and dust from landing on your face, offer wind noise reduction, and safeguards your driving view. It’s made with PVC & PC EPS foam to reduce impact. Plus, it has a buckle, a detachable sun visor, and 18 vents. The buckle ensures safe usage on different head sizes while the sun visor shields your eyes. 


A good lock can prevent your e-bike from being stolen so look for a durable U-lock to protect your investment. Gin e-bike’s weatherproof lock features smaller and thicker shackles, making it difficult to pry open with a crowbar. It comes with a 4-foot steel cable, allowing users to secure the bike to a fixed object.

Repair Kit 

Most people don’t know this, but you can do a lot of e-bike repairs on your own. That’s why it's recommended that e-bike riders travel with a repair kit. With a good kit at hand, you can perform quick fixs and be on your way instead of getting stranded.

What items do e-bike repair kits have?

Repair kits typically have a chain tool for broken links, a multi-tool, a patch kit with adhesive and sandpaper, a portable air inflator with a built-in 3000 mAh rechargeable battery, a strong and durable pump with a maximum pressure of 160 psi, cable ties, electrical tape, and tire levers. 

Invest in Quality Electric Bike Accessories From Gin e-bike 

From fast electric bikes to hybrids, we have a wide range of two-wheelers that leverage pedal and electric power to help meet your transportation needs. Enhance your riding experience with the right e-bike accessories. Our selected products can help you secure your ride, make using your e-bike safer, add comfort, and help you enjoy greater convenience. 

Take your riding experience from good to great with our e-bike accessories. Visit our website to learn more.

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