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Top 6 London cycle routes strava

Updated: Apr 18

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In this article, we will show you how you can visit all the famous places in London and at the same time save significantly on transport costs. Of course using the e-bike! In recent years, the Metropolitan City Hall has been making great efforts to improve and expand the electric bike cycling network in London.

London's extensive network of bike paths brings together many of London's famous sights. You will find a map of Strava cycle routes in London in this article.

1. London to Brighton cycle route strava

Distance: 184.08 km

Elevation Gain: 2,368 m

Ride Type: Road

Est. Moving Time: 7:37:15

London to Brighton cycle

National Cycle Route 21 (or NCR 21) is part of the United Kingdom's National Cycle Network. It runs from Greenwich in southeast London south to Crawley, then east to Groombridge and south to Eastbourne, with a short final loop north again to end at Pevensey.

The route is approximately 150 km (93 miles) long. Some sections are not suitable for road bikes. This is probably the most full of action route, so if you want to cycle london to brighton, get ready for an incredible journey.

2. London to the Chilterns cycle route

Distance: 135.00 km

Elevation Gain: 1,488 m

Ride Type: Road

Est. Moving Time: 5:35:20

London to the Chilterns cycle

The Chiltern Hills lie north-west of London, and it's surprising that more London cyclists don't head out this way. Rural and beautiful, and full of picturesque villages, they can feel remote from the bustle of city life. The green folds of the hills are always lush, and the narrow, quiet lanes are typically shrouded by trees. Escape from London to the landscapes where the Red Kite flies.

3. Hell of the Ashdown cycling route

Distance: 132.82 km

Elevation Gain: 2,148 m

Ride Type: Road

Est. Moving Time: 5:29:55

Hell of the Ashdown cycling

The Hell of the Ashdown follows the route of the annual Hell of the Ashdown sportive course, a tough early-season fixture in the London sportive calendar. It winds through the North Downs taking in the best climbs in Kent and Sussex – Toy's Hill, Kidd's Hill, Star Hill and Ide Hill to name just a few. This is a serious leg-tester in some of the most picturesque countryside in southern England.

4. Kent Grimpeur

Distance: 104.36 km

Elevation Gain: 1,600 m

Ride Type: Road

Est. Moving Time: 4:19:14

Kent Grimpeur cycle

Based on one of Audax UK's classic rides, this is a tough loop around Sevenoaks in Kent. It's full of classic North Downs climbs like Exedown, Bayleys Hill and the infamous Yorks Hill, the site of the Catford Hill Climb which, it is claimed, is the oldest continuously run race in the world. There are plenty of tea-rooms and pubs on the way round, but you'll need to make sure you don't load up too much for the steep, steep climbs and technical descents of the Grimpeur. In the actual Audax events the real hard men do the loop from Otford both ways… feel free to take the train back to London afterwards if you decide to join them.

5. The Surrey Hills cycle route

Distance: 67.70 km

Elevation Gain: 1,382 m

Ride Type: Road

Est. Moving Time: 2:48:11

The Surrey Hills cycle

Hit the hills hard with this shorter loop – it will test what your legs are made of, and you'll see why the Surrey Hills are one of the favourite destinations for London cyclists. You'll wind in and out of forests and catch beautiful views as you dip and dive on quiet lanes. Reward yourself with coffee and cake upon reaching the top of the final climb, the famous zig-zag road of Box Hill, at the National Trust Cafe.

6. Surrey 100 cycle route

Distance: 165.04 km

Elevation Gain: 2,321 m

Ride Type: Road

Est. Moving Time: 6:49:57

Surrey 100 cycle

Are you ready for 100 miles in the Surrey Hills? This ride, starting in Ashtead on the edge of the North Downs, will test your resolve with some of the classic Surrey Hills – Leith Hill and Beacon Hill included. Through the Devil's Punch Bowl near Hindhead and the climbs get short and steeper, so you'll breath a sigh of relief as the route takes you north again. The famous Box Hill road is a sting in the tail!

In this article, we have described 6 popular London cycle routes and attached a Strava link to each of them. We hope that it was useful for you, and always remember that our GIN X e-bike will help you overcome even the most difficult cycling route, as GIN X can handle 75+ miles per charge.


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