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Tesla e-bike: how electric bike will look like?

Updated: Apr 18

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To create the Tesla Model B, designer Kendall Turner was inspired by the achievements of the Californian brand and presented tesla e bike with original characteristics.

Imagining Tesla's Future Electric Bike: Design Inspiration and Innovations

A revolutionary in the field of electric vehicles, Tesla has never crossed the path of two-wheelers. If the brand boss is clearly opposed to releasing an electric motorcycle, Tesla has already shown it can invest in other markets by introducing the Tesla Cyberquad in late 2017. So why not an electric bike?

While waiting for the manufacturer to decide to take the plunge, designer Kendall Turner decided to take the lead by imagining what Tesla's future e-bike might look like. Inspired by the manufacturer's achievements, the designer presented a motorcycle with a very refined appearance, with lines similar to those of a racing bike, unlike traditional bikes.

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In addition to design, Kendall Turner also paid attention to the technical side. Tesla obliges, driving assistance systems are obviously part of the game, with a suite of sensors and lidar to sweep around the area to create a virtual safety bubble around the cyclist. A device close to Tesla's autopilot and the system proposed by Damon on his electric motorcycle.

tesla e bike

In terms of driving, the operation is also original. Thus, a simple push on the steering wheel of tesla bike allows you to turn the wheel, and sensors avoid potholes or other road deformations. The frame display device allows you to monitor basic information related to the bike, such as battery capacity.

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In terms of performance, it's hard to imagine crazy things because the performance of electric bikes is still very heavily regulated by regulations (especially in Europe, and even more so in the United States). But here, too, the Tesla Model B manages to innovate! Fitted with a "twin motor" arrangement with an electric motor built into each wheel, it gets shock absorbers built directly into the discs.

tesla electric bike

Obviously, this all remains very conceptual and doesn't really portend what Tesla will be aiming for if it launches its own electric powered bike.

And you? What do you think of this concept? Are you ready to buy a tesla electric bike? Feel free to express your opinion in the comments!

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Alex Ecco Voce
Alex Ecco Voce
Aug 05, 2022

This blog is weird. Is it auto generated or translated from Chinese or something? Definitely puts me off buying !

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