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Gin X E-Bike: A Comprehensive Review by Delivery Rider

Updated: Apr 18

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Are you looking for a dependable and cosy e-bike? Have a look at the Gin X. We'll examine the Gin X's features and advantages in detail in our thorough review done by Delivery Rider (Joshua), covering everything like its battery life, motor, tyres, brakes, and other components.

GIN X is a great option for food delivery riders

On his YouTube channel, Joshua from Delivery Rider just published a video evaluation of our GIN X e-bike. Joshua says in the video that he was amazed by the bike's strong engine and its prowess at negotiating steep climbs. He also notes that the bike is very maneuverable and easy to control, making it a great option for food delivery riders.

He starts with talking about the battery. A battery using Tesla cells, rated at 48 volts and just over 12 amps, powers the Gin X. You wouldn't expect a battery to last as long as this one does, yet it does. In fact, it doesn't require recharging after a lengthy trip.

Gin X's 250-watt Hub motor and hybrid tyres

Joshua talks also about the Gin X's 250-watt Hub motor, which is housed in the back of the vehicle. It has a great little kick despite its lack of power, especially when you're climbing a hill. You won't even be aware that it is there because it is so quiet.

The Gin X's excellent riding quality is one of its best features. The bike has 27.5-inch hybrid tyres that are quiet on the road and give you the impression that you are gliding. Although it's crucial to note that it's an extra that's not included with the bike, the seat is particularly plush. Moreover, the handle grips are incredibly cosy to hold.

GIN X e-bike brake mechanism and Shimano gear

The brake mechanism on the bike is also very effective. It receives smooth and quick hydraulic braking assistance from Zoom for 180 Distributors. The discs, which measure 180 mil from front to rear on the rotor, deliver excellent performance under all circumstances.

Shimano's 7-speed gear arrangement is also included with the Gin X. Whether you're riding on level roads or ascending steep slopes, the bike is built to tackle any terrain. The bike's modest weight also makes it simple to control.

Additionally, Joshua did a second video where he used our GIN X e-bike for an entire day to deliver food. The video is around 1 hour in duration, but it's definitely worth watching to see how the bike performs over a long distance and during a full day of work.


Overall, Joshua underlines that the Gin X is a superb e-bike that is cosy, effective, and simple to ride. It is perfect for extended rides, commuting, or discovering new terrain because it can support riders of different sizes. If you're in the market for a reliable and comfortable e-bike, the Gin X is definitely worth considering.

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