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Solving the bike gears slipping

Updated: Apr 16

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In this article, we will delve into a common issue that both electric bike and traditional pushbike riders often encounter – the frustrating problem of bike gears slipping. We'll explore how this issue disrupts the smoothness of your ride and, more importantly, unveil the solution.

bike gears slipping

Bike Gears Slipping [problem]

When you're out pedaling your electric bike or regular pushbike, you may have noticed the chain unexpectedly leaping from one gear to another, causing an uneven and frustrating experience because of bike gears jumping. Even when you attempt to switch gears, say, from 2 to 3 or 3 to 4, the chain seems to have a mind of its own, making for a less-than-ideal ride.

The Solution: Fine-Tuning the Gear Wire

The key to resolving this issue of gears slipping on bike lies in the gear wire – the lifeline of your bike's gear system. At times, it can be too loose or too tight, and it needs some adjustments. You'll require a 5mm Allen key for this job.

Step 1: Tweaking the Gear Wire Tightness To address the issue, carefully adjust the gear wire's tightness. You can turn it either clockwise or anti-clockwise to achieve the perfect tension. Make small notches in either direction and observe how the chain responds.

gears slipping on bike

Step 2: Handling the derailleur Hanger Bolt Moving on to the derailleur hanger bolt, use the same 5mm Allen key to tighten it. This bolt plays a crucial role in keeping your gear functioning smoothly and preventing any unwanted skipping.

bike gears jumping

Step 3: Navigating the Side Bolt Don't overlook the side bolt; it also contributes to the wire's tension. Once again, your trusty 5mm Allen key comes to the rescue for this task.

bike gears slipping under pressure

Summing It Up: Three Key Actions In summary, here are the three crucial steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Adjust the gear wire's tightness by turning it clockwise or anti-clockwise to attain the desired tension.

  2. Ensure the derailleur hanger bolt is securely tightened for added stability.

  3. Don't forget the side bolt, which also influences the wire's tension. Keep it snug.

By implementing these three steps, you'll bid farewell to bike gears slipping and the annoyance of chain gear skipping. Your bike will provide the smooth, enjoyable ride you've been longing for.

Closing Thoughts

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