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Best Cheap Electric Bike Models on the Market Today

Have you been wanting to get an e-bike but are afraid of the price you’ll have to pay? 

While premium models easily cost a few thousand pounds, e-bikes don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are perfectly good models at Gin e-bikes, a leading electric bike UK company, that lets you enjoy the benefits of having an e-bike without creating a big dent in your bank account.

Before we give you the rundown on our affordable yet quality e-bikes, let’s tackle an important question that you’ve no doubt thought about—

Are There Any Disadvantages in Choosing Affordable Electric Bikes Over More Expensive Models?

Yes, investing in a lower-priced electric bike can be problematic.

It could be heavier. It could have low-quality frames. The batteries could be constructed using poor-quality materials that bring a risk of overheating. It may not comply with safety standards. It could have ineffective brakes and suspension. You could be bogged down by a relatively smaller range.

The list goes on and on.

If you’re on a budget, this could put you off from buying an e-bike which is understandable. But we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to come to that.

Experts at Gin e-bikes conducted rigorous testing in real-world conditions to develop the best cheap electric bike models in the market today. 

Our hybrids are reliable, with features you can typically find in more expensive models. They also come in a range of power levels that make them suitable for everything from daily commutes to long trips.

Introducing Gin X: The Most Economical Electric Bicycle You Can Buy 

This answers your burning question: what is the best cheap electric bike? 

Gin X is an electric hybrid bike with high-end features. It is prized for its versatility and ease of use on flat city roads and rocky hills. 

But its all-terrain tires, which demonstrate incredible resistance against punctures and cuts, are not the only factor that makes it our top choice.

Powerful Motor and Battery 

This powerhouse has a 250W brushless BAFANG motor that supports a speed limit of 15.5 mph. Factor in a 615WH, 48V 21700 TESLA-grade battery, and you’ll get to scale distances of 75 miles with a single charge!

You can also level up the battery (675WH) with our premium step-through variant, which is designed to help you mount and dismount with ease.

We also offer an option that comes with a 500W Brushless BAFANG Motor—perfect for riding through high wind resistance and inclines of over 10%. However, it will only cover 60 miles, so have a backup battery on hand!

A Body That Takes Bumps and Falls in Stride

Gin X has an aluminum alloy 6061 frame and powerful suspensions (preload and adjust). It has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio that makes riding comfortable. This model handles impact from bumps, shocks, and jolts on uneven and rocky terrains without breaking down.

Plus, it is resistant to corrosion even when the surface is abraded and comes with IP66 Protection against dust and splashes of water.

Won’t Weigh You Down 

Our electric e-bike comes in hot at only 43 pounds (without battery and accessories). It helps you travel longer distances with considerably less effort, delivering a delightful riding experience on hills and long commutes.

It also ensures better handling and easy movability when you’re taking it up and down the stairs.

You’ll get similar benefits with step-through bikes but they typically weigh at least 3 pounds more.

Customizable Speed 

This bike has a 7-speed configuration that allows for easier pedaling on a wide range of landscapes. It accommodates varied elevations, allows better downhill movement, and will help you take on challenging terrains.

You get all these features because of the SHIMANO ALTUS Derailleur, however, you will need to properly lubricate the chain to enable smooth gear-shifting.

Safety First

This affordable electric bike is fitted with hydraulic brakes—the more sophisticated sibling of mechanical brakes. 

It requires far less pressure in different terrains and riding conditions, provides superior stopping power with excellent fade resistance, and helps you stay in control without locking your wheels. 

And since it has fewer moving parts, it needs less maintenance!

We’ve also equipped it with integrated lights to improve road visibility.

How Much Effort You Exert Is All up to You

Gin X comes with 5 pedal-assist boost modes, which allows you to conserve your energy and reach your destination without looking like a sweaty mess. 

If you want a workout, go for the lowest level of assistance. Use the motor and battery combination to supplement your efforts—not the other way round. You’ll also save on battery power this way which is pretty cool. 

Integrated Display 

Measure the distance you’ve traveled with a sleek integrated display. Select between pedal-assist modes, watch how fast you’re going, and keep an eye on your battery levels so you never get stranded. 

This genius feature is available in our 250 W and 500 W variants.


This affordable electric bike accommodates riders 5ft 1 inch to 6 feet 6 inches with a maximum weight of 286 pounds. So, if you’re looking for a versatile vehicle that easily fits your body, this is IT.

Backed with a 3-Year Warranty 

Gin X has a 3-year warranty for parts replacement. This only applies if your vehicle is registered within 10 days from purchase. We also offer a 15-day money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the product for any reason.

Style Your Ride

The Gin hybrid e-bike can accommodate a pannier bag (£1,090) or a rear cargo rack (£1,049). You can also browse through our website for accessories and upgrades that elevate the efficiency and convenience of your electric vehicle. 

Stay Ahead of the Trends 

Our most popular Gin X model comes in a classic black hue but if you prefer a more colorful ride, we also have an eye-catching turquoise e-bike.  Aside from the classic frame, our turquoise model can also be had in a step-through design.

Understanding the True Cost of e-Bikes 

The cost of owning an e-bike goes beyond the initial purchase. After buying your vehicle, you also have to think about maintenance, repairs, and other expenses. Note that well-maintained bikes cost less in repairs in the long run. 

In addition to optimizing the charging cycles of your electric ride, consider the following factors before investing in a hybrid:

  • Trip distance cost based on your local electricity prices

  • Monthly/bimonthly/bi-yearly cost for a tune-up by a specialist

  • The cost of replacing chains, sprockets, and spokes after covering 800-1000, 1,500, and a couple hundred miles, respectively

  • The cost of replacing the battery every 3 to 5 years of continuous use

  • Insurance cost and coverage 

  • Parking expenses

  • Buying essential accessories like e-bike locks

By anticipating and planning for these expenses, you can budget your finances accordingly. 

Gin e-bikes: Quality Features at an Affordable Price

Premium e-bikes cost a few thousand pounds but you don’t have to pay exorbitant prices for a quality ride. Gin e-bikes’ electric hybrid bikes can be bought for a reasonable price. It’s a good deal in terms of features, power, and efficiency. Plus, we offer different variants and accessories so you can customize your hybrid any way you want.

Explore practical options on our website or call +44 333 050 3789 for inquiries.

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